Rebel Ridge Farm Chicken

Unlike factory farm chicken, our birds are raised outdoors with access to sunlight and a varied diet. They enjoy buffet meals that consist of clovers and various grasses, bugs, worms, augmented with natural feed. We use absolutely no antibiotics, growth hormones, steroids, or chemicals of any kind. 

Our birds are shrink-wrapped after processing and are available fresh (this week only) or frozen. Our feed costs came in less than expected so we’ve lowered our chicken prices from $4.50/lb. to $3.99/lb. for one to four birds and from $3.99/lb. to $3.79/lb. for five or more birds. Raw honey prices are $20/quart, $10/pint, and $6/half pint. We’ll have fresh birds through the middle of the week and then we’ll be freezing them. Call 595-6717 or email your order. Thanks! 

Endeavor to persevere,

Bob Lightner

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