Red Line? The Repeal of the 2nd Amendment is Coming!

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Thomas Dowling
3 years ago

“… shall not be infringed.” can Never be changed (even by Article 5) because self-preservation IS a “self-evident” truth!

The second amendment can NEVER even be legally repealed as it is an UNTOUCHABLE!

Our first 10 amendments (Bill of Rights) are ALL UNTOUCHABLES!

Anyone who actually tries to ban firearms by repeal of the Second Amendment, is in fact threatening to murder millions of Americans!

a follower
a follower
3 years ago

Heard yesterday that firearm sales had increased yet again. This has been occurring non stop since what, 2008? Do you think we are buying these guns and ammo to sell back, or to just allow them to be confiscated?
Banning these weapons does not mean much for those who have their minds set. Just clears some things up.
Alex Jones? Take everything he says with a grain of salt.

Al Dutton
Al Dutton
3 years ago

We are being treated as if we’re idiots.
WE know the First & Second Amendment and ALL the other Amendments are inviolable!
They CANNOT be taken from us by ANYONE but God, and GOD is on OUR side!
Anyone who comes for our Weapons IS by Default, is Committing TREASON, are a TRAITOR, and subject to summary EXECUTION as a TRAITOR.

No if’s and’s or buts. Even if they are wearing a ‘uniform’ and claim that they have the “right” or “power” to take our Arms, WE know better than that.
They’re lying TRAITORS, and we shoot them as such…No conversation is needed. This is OUR Republic, and our Constitution.
Anyone thinking otherwise is a filthy traitor…And will be summarily Executed as such. It’s all very simple and Constitutionally correct. I took the Oath many times in my career. There is NO “Use by” date on that OATH.
The Socialist Democrats don’t seem to understand this fact. And to threaten to kill us if we refuse to surrender our Arms is so arrogant as to be worthy of shooting the idiot mouthing such stupidity ON THE SPOT!
Remember Eric Swalwell of the People’s Republic of Kalifornia? HE had the audacity to threaten to use Nuclear Battlefield Rockets on EVERYONE who would refuse HIS order to surrender their weapons…..We have their very arrogant threatening STATEMENTS to Hang them by…