Redwashing the Flag

Feel free to substitute Romney for Obama.

Both men claim to be able to “fix” the country as president, and by doing so betray their government-centered philosophy.  We cannot, as a country, even entertain the thought of a presidential candidate who doesn’t promise to use government to “fix” things.

This may lead some (self included) to question the value of a political system based on lies and fantasy modern American democracy, where the people vote into office the best liar, who tells lies based solely upon what will get him into office.  What’s worse is that everyone with half a brain knows they are being lied to.

What modern American democracy boils down to is the hope that “my party” (whichever it happens to be) wins, or -perhaps even worse- that the other one loses.

No president or political leader can ever “fix” anything.  The best government can ever hope to do is punish evil, allow good to continue unimpeded, and get out of the way.  At this point, “fixing” our nation is a matter of the current government system stepping back, taking its hands off, and chopping itself down.  Drastically.

Now…what government has ever done that of its own volition?  Even the good king’s Magna Carta’s inception and implementation came “strongly recommended”.

Obama/Biden/Democrats claim to be the solution, or at least to have the solutions.  More government.  Blatant and unabashed Leninist Marxists.


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