Reid: Defunding Obamacare ‘dead on arrival’ in Senate

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid declared the House version of the bill that funds the government and defunds Obamacare “dead on arrival” in the Senate, accusing Republicans of trying to hold the country “ransom.”

On Friday, the House passed a bill that funds the government through December 15, while defunding Obamacare. Reid moved to begin consideration of the bill when the Senate returned to session Monday afternoon, but made clear that it would be sent back to the House without that provision.

“Any bill that defunds Obama’s health-care plan is dead on arrival in the Senate,” Reid said on the Senate floor.

“We’re not going to bow to tea party anarchists who deny that Obamacare is the law,” he added.


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Harpo Marx
Harpo Marx
8 years ago

Sounds like Reid the traitor is a bit unhappy about something. Would like to see him out pounding the pavement looking for a job, food, and shelter.