Relative of Shanghai Doctor Reveals Details About Forced Organ Harvesting

This article is from The Epoch Times… will need a login to read, but signing up to view is free. I have posted the salient points below. This is disturbing information, and people need to be made aware of the atrocities being committed by the CCP.

“… Lu said that when he, Zhou, and her husband were sitting together once, “her husband told me in person that she went to a military hospital to do [organ transplant surgery].”

“He also said that it’s quick money and the sum is quite large,” Lu told WOIPFG.

“He said, ‘You should get people over from outside,’ and that ‘this is in really good quality, all fresh and alive.’”

While the word “alive” puzzled Lu at the time, he began to piece the information together over the years, as he heard more about “live organ harvesting” in the media.

Zhou, the Shanghai doctor, performed several organ removal surgeries but eventually stopped due to fear, Lu said.

“She said that she was having nightmares for doing this,” Lu said. He prodded his sister-in-law, Zhou Yu, to reveal more details about what she knew of her sister’s work. She relayed that when Zhou Qing did the surgeries, people who weren’t sedated “would scream with all their might in sheer agony.”

…She said anesthesia cannot be used in every place, and the area where [the organ] is needed cannot be anesthetized. The fresher and the less anesthetized, the better. The quality is guaranteed, you can rest assured,” he recalled. The victims “kept saying ‘Falun Dafa Hao’” when they were brought in for the organ harvesting, the sister-in-law told him. The phrase “Falun Dafa Hao” is often said by practitioners as an affirmation of their faith as they face persecution. It translates to “Falun Dafa is good.”

The entire article is here…

Even though I know it’s true, it’s very, very difficult to wrap my brain around the fact that this kind of evil exists in our world.

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3 months ago

I knew about this practice in the late 80’s when I was working for the fed gov. There were reports coming through that detailed about “organ harvesting medical vans” that pull into a village and “take care of business” as it were. The PTB know what is going on, they just don’t want to admit it.

Richard Shipley
Richard Shipley
3 months ago

This sort of thing is done in abortion here in the US of A

The Willpower
3 months ago

How do you think Soro’s got all six of his heart transplants? All the
hearts came from Chinese prisoners, without their consent.