Renee Ellmers: How do you solve a problem like immigration?

A Big Mistake for North Carolina

By Renee Ellmers

Do we have a problem with our immigration policies? Regardless of where you stand on this issue, my guess is you would say yes. This, like so many important issues facing our country, requires a dedicated approach focused on facts and how the laws we enact impact our security, our economy and the lives of millions of people in America.

As Americans, we sit on the shoulders of the courageous men and women who came before us and made this country into a prosperous beacon for opportunity and earned success. These values are embedded in who we are and embody the principles of millions of others who wish to achieve the same accomplishments. But under our current system, individuals looking for work are forced to take the path of least resistance, and many times that path unfortunately is the illegal one.


Operation Wetback 1954

Operation Wetback deported over 1,000,000 illegal aliens with 10% of the current size of the border patrol.


First, I wonder who ghost wrote this article for Ms. Ellmers. Second, the problem resides in Washington’s politicians who want cheap labor (Republicans) and illegal votes (Democrats). What is the answer to Ms. Ellmers’ question: how do you solve a problem like immigration? We have to identify the source of the real problem and Ms. Ellmers is an integral part of it.

David DeGerolamo

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