Republican Insider: “Tell Speaker Boehner he can go to hell. “

Sorry for not getting back to you.  Remember what I said a month ago about the push to remove Boehner from his position asSpeaker?  That move has now turned into all out war.  Kudos to the Tea Party wing who stood strong and united against what Boehner did to them with the committee purge.  And a double kudos to a certain outgoing Congressman from Florida who when asked if they could count on his vote for Boehner’s Plan B said, “Tell Speaker Boehner he can go to hell.  I won’t vote for anything he sends my way unless it’s a vote to impeach Barack Obama or his own resignation as Speaker.  Preferably both.”

The fact this particular Congressman was even approached about supporting the Plan B option shows just how weak John Boehner has become among his own Republicans.  January 3rd is the vote for Speaker.  I am going to be part of an effort to see Boehner removed.  We would actually like him to step aside to avoid further conflict inside the party.  And if the White House wants to see that as some kind of victory for them, they will have another thing coming.  These Republicans are finally getting ready and willing to start putting up a real fight.


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6 years ago

Those were my exact words, too. John Boehner can go to Hell. Given his hand-in-hand agreement and total cooperation and capitulation to Obama in every conceivable way, he is going to be there, anyway.