Republican “Leadership” Sucks

John Boehner has capitulated. Not that he has ever stood up for the people. Speaker Boehner is offering to compromise with Obama to increase taxes revenue to avoid the approaching “fiscal cliff” less than 24 hours after the election. Although no one is saying it today, if Republicans had any testicles, we would not be here. Romney performances in the last two debates were pathetic. I know, it is easy to play Monday morning quarterback after the game is over. But this is not the case if I am on record as stating this for the past six months.

My opinion of Romney did change over the course of the election process. I think he ran a clean campaign and was trying to restore civility to our country’s politics.  However, nice guys do finish last in Chicago, Illinois, Washington, D.C. and everywhere else where people have traded Liberty for presumed rights and entitlements.

But back to Boehner caving again. The Republican party only controls the House of Representatives in the current balance of powers. Without a leader, their role in the future is assured: the country is headed for economic destruction. But then that would have happened eventually with a Romney administration.

David DeGerolamo

Boehner opens door to ‘new revenue,’ to halt debt

Republicans are “willing to accept new revenue” to tame the soaring national debt and avert an ugly battle over the approaching “fiscal cliff,” House Speaker John A. Boehner said Wednesday in a speech that offered a potential path to compromise in year-end budget negotiations.

With President Obama reelected and Republicans returned to a slightly smaller majority in the House, Boehner (R-Ohio) said Tuesday’s election amounted to a plea from voters for the parties to lay down their weapons of the past two years and “do what’s best for our country.”


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8 years ago

The Republican party has lost its way, I mean really lost its way. There is no leadership, only people in positions of leadership. Boehner is too soft and being completely manipulated by the Administration. Republicans (Conservatives) have good, strong, factual arguments and allow the other side to simply spin/lie/distort their story to the perceived truth. Why can’t Republicans learn to communicate effectively? It beats anything I’ve seen. I have a 7th grader and he can literally put an argument together and present it better than the Republican leadership.
Where the head is Richard Burr…? This guy had all the hype, hope and speeches at his fund-raisers to get re-elected (believe I know…). He’s absent quiet milk-toast. It is time for the Tea Party to step-up, clearly communicate and stay fast to their founding principles. The Reps have lost it completely. Some group must emerge on the political scene or it is over for the Country. Almost ready to move abroad -- it really is that bad. Everyone has simply sold-out to line their own pockets at the citizen’s expense.