Restoring Religious Freedoms – A Presentation by John Ainsworth

What: Local Meetup and Presentation by John Ainsworth
Where: Cornerstone Baptist Church, King NC
When: Thursday Jan. 15, 2015
Time: Meal @ 6:00PM; Presentation 7:00PM

Cost: $6 donation for meal
(catered by Kings Hot Dogs in Rural Hall, NC)
RSVP: Click the “JOIN” button on the Facebook event page if you’re attending. If you’re not eating, please leave a comment on the event to let us know.More Info:
Are you saddened by recent events in the town of King, North Carolina regarding the removal of the Christian flag and Kneeling Soldier statue? Do you believe the Constitution is being disregarded and stepped on?… (see more:

— with John Ainsworth,Cliff Muncy and Jill Ainsworth at PRAYER AT THE PARK, Central Park, Veterans Memorial, King, NC.

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cav medic
cav medic
6 years ago

Have you heard about this other North Carolina event?

Tuesday, January 13, 2015
NC: Muslim call to prayer to sound at Duke University

Members of the Duke Muslim Students Association will chant the call, known as adhan or azan, from the Duke Chapel bell tower each Friday at 1 p.m. The call to prayer will last about three minutes and be “moderately amplified,” officials said in a statement Tuesday.

cav medic
cav medic
6 years ago

Really, no one in that AO has any plans to protest this sharia shit?