RIOTS: 3 Places All Hell Has Broken Loose in the Last Few Days

A lot of people like to think that the SHTF is some distant thing that probably won’t ever happen. But, in reality, it happens every single day, someplace in the world. Riots have occurred all over the world recently, stranding travelers, destroying property, and causing serious injuries and death.

Here are 3 different places where all hell has broken loose in just the past few days.


It’s a bad time to be in Haiti right now. Apparently, an increase in gasoline prices has caused people to take to the street. A number of American missionaries are currently hunkering down in fear for their lives. They’re unable to get out of the country because many airlines have canceled all flights in and out of the country.


In Nantes, a city in France, a battle has been going on between African migrants and the French police for days now, after the police shot a 22-year-old migrant named Aboubakar Fofana. The riots went on for 4 days but eased when relatives of the Aboubakar Fofana said they were filing a lawsuit.


And right here in the United States, violent riots have erupted over the Trump administration, political differences, and immigration policies. Portland has been the heart of many political movements since the election of President Trump, starting the day after the election in which Hillary Clinton suffered a surprise loss.



We are only one Antifa/Democrat/Socialist/Communist/Fascist/Muslim (but then I repeat myself) attack away from civil unrest across the entire country. It is going to be a long, hot summer.

David DeGerolamo

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3 years ago

Whoever the actors running panty-fa are, they have shown considerable restraint trying to get us Men of The West to shoot first.
I imagine at some point they will pull a false flag op using armed fake rightwing operatives to shoot up a few panti-fa’s with those evil assault rifles.
Like you said, long hot summer, paid AstroTurf Soros shit stirrers.
Times running out, the jigs up. Its fish or cut bait time.

All good Americans need to do is maintain the moral high ground, our power dry, and maintain our unique ability to long tolerate trespasses against us.
And never, ever, give up our guns.

Know why they call them Assault Rifles?
Cause the oligarchs are always afraid us patriotic Americans will assault them with our rifles for what they do to us.

Keep up the great posts!