Russia and China Send Biden a Message

While Biden was in Tokyo after leaving South Korea, China and Russia decided to jointly send a message to him:

South Korea Scrambles Jets After Chinese, Russian Warplanes Enter Air Defence Zone

The Russian and Chinese aircraft entered and left the Korea Air Defence Identification Zone (Korea ADIZ) in the Sea of Japan, known in Korea as the East Sea, several times through the day, according to South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS).

The aircraft, which included fighter jets and bombers from each side, did not violate South Korea’s airspace, the JCS added.

The South Korean military deployed air force fighters to “implement tactical measures” to brace for a potential contingency.



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tom finley
tom finley
1 month ago

Biden is a weak demented puppet and everyone knows it but this illegal cabal that stole the country. In the 2 years that this buffon has been in office he and his minions have destroyed what was left of the country. Next is starvation, gas rationing and food rationing, the majority of the weak sheeple will gladly stand in the soup line. The sheeple think the left side of the uniparty are in a panic about the elections, that is BS. Just look to Michigan where they threw out most of the so called Republican candidates for a lack of qualified signatures. The sheeple will rue the day they gave up so easily.

Citizen Joe
Citizen Joe
1 month ago

There was recently some uproar over a leaked Chinese communication indicating the Chinese were going to go on a war footing. Back in my memory banks I recall that the Chinese had at least one province per month go into full war practice. Even civilians had to participate. For the whole month. Next month a different province. Etc. It appears that Russia and China would be more prepared to survive a war than the US.