Russia sells China 100 Su-35 fighter jets

Su-35 is regarded as a UFO for its marvelous maneuvers

According to a report by Voice of RussiaChina and Russia have concluded an export agreement for 100 Su-35 fighter jets during the Paris Air Show.

At the 50th Paris Air Show at Le Bourget Airport, Russia had it’s most intensive participation over the past few years. All the 46 well-known Russian weapon manufacturers and companies, including Sokhoi, Mikoyan and Ilyushin, had presence there. In the exhibition hall, open-air site and flying shows, the audience has witnessed the Russian aviation industry’s newest achievements.

At that exhibition, there was the first flying show of the Su-35 abroad. The Su-35 is the most intrepid fourth-generation fighter jet in the world today. It is equipped with a 30mm machine gun, a radar with a search range of 400 km, and a flight range of 3,500 km without refuelling.

It’s powerful engine enables it to perform various super difficult movements such as horizontal rolling, plane screw spin, Pugachev Cobra and other stunt manoeuvres. It has its unique super “pancake” manoeuvre – a horizontal 360 degree turnaround without reduction of speed. Western media exclaimed in admiration, “It’s not an airplane, it’s a UFO.”


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8 years ago

The question posed is why would Russia sell their most advanced fighter to China?

Because they know they will never have to fight them in Chinese hands and they have a bird that is even more advanced in the developmental stage.
Russia knows there are inherent problems with the F35, its engines for one, China apparently doesn’t. While the F35 is a technology marvel and in Russian pilot hands an awesome beast, our F22 is the superior aircraft. Even a British Typhoon will give it a good fight.
Im just hoping our airmen do not have to square off with Russian pilots anytime soon. Where they still lag behind us in technology, a gap that is fast closing, they have some damn good pilots.
Most Russian fighter pilots knew they were going to be fighter pilots before they were 16 years old.