Ryan Croft – Safety and Preparedness Videos

The following videos were made from a safety and preparedness seminar presented by Ryan Croft for the Cherokee County 912 Group.

Introduction, Politics and Survival

Money Supply, Threats and the Trap

The Dollar, Energy and Choosing Slavery

Monsanto, Agriculture and Mice

Threats and Risks

Distribution Chains, Global Conservatory and the Sheriff

Capitalization, Communications and Militarization

God, Ethical Compass and Serving One Another

What Happens to Freedom, Water and Safe Refuge

Hardening Your House, Readiness and Water Purification

Secondary Water Purification Systems

Food Is the Answer

Arms – Part 1

Arms – Part 2

Secondary Arms, State Government and Militias

Non-Standard Arms, Gloves and Boots

Medication, Hygiene and Tinctures

Activated Charcoal and Colloidal Silver

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Kellie Brown
8 years ago

I am a producer for NBC Charlotte and we would like to interview you at your earliest convenience.