News from the Front 7/25/20

The level of censorship by the Deep State concerning the riots in Washington State reminds me of the coverage of the Bundy Ranch and Malheur confrontations. When FoxNews quickly cut their coverage at a White House briefly outlining this insurrection, it proves the conspiracy in endemic in the media.

David DeGerolamo

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1 year ago

The federal government, aka Uncle Sugar stands for law and order? Now that’s rich. Govt. at all levels hasn’t stood for law and order for decades. The covenant is broken. Let them expend their resources fighting the communists. It will only serve to weaken them.

Law? I’ll give you law. The only law you’ll ever need. It goes like this: As long as you leave me alone, harm none, and do what you want. Of course they won’t do that, nor will I submit, so they’ve chosen their destiny.

Dave johnson
Dave johnson
1 year ago

Federal officers have no LE/bage/arrest authority. No authority of any kind past the edge of the sidewalk. So if the guys with guns are beyond the 4ft building limit, they are not federal officers. Must be law enforcement of some kind.