See which NC Republicans voted to gut E-Verify and choose illegals over citizens

H.786 came up for a vote in the NC Senate in the dark of night and they voted just like the NC House to gut E-Verify which was to take full effect this month.

E-Verify was to protect new jobs for unemployed citizens NOT illegal immigrants. 

Is this how the Republicans plan to reduce unemployment, as our State has the fifth worst unemployment rate in the nation?

Go to this weblink to see which NC House Republicans voted for H.786 to gut E-Verify: (Ayes voted to gut and Noes voted to protect jobs for citizens)

Go to this weblink to see which NC Senate Republicans voted for H.786 to gut E-Verify:

As noted, there will be more to follow on this matter.


Ron Woodard



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Joel Long
Joel Long
8 years ago

NC Listen;
From my limited observations, it appears as if the legislative bodies for North Carolina mirror the national bodies of politicians, in that especially amongst republicans, there is a display of standing for their constituency all the while voting, conniving and out right fraud in order to continue the sell-out of our Nation. I surely hope there is a special place in hell for these deceivers.

8 years ago

E-Verify is a threat to Liberty..
Ron Paul