Seen Any Media Coverage of the “Day of Rage” ?

Me neither.

Until I found Ten Random Videos on The Blaze.

One of the comments on that page sums up the day succinctly:

When “prolatariat” revolutions are undertaken by pseudo-intellectual bourgeoisie white kids who’ve never worked a day in their lives (ie supported a family, bought a house or a car, paid bills, had any responsibility etc) it’s pretty hard to take them seriously.

Marx is rolling in his grave due to the irony.

I think the loose collective of the Tea Party has more rights to call themselves the American Prolatariat than these twits do.

That’s more irony. But I doubt these kids understand it…

The Tea Party should adopt the language of the Left. It will make their heads explode.

The Blaze followed up later in the day with Reporting From Inside the ‘Comrades Ranks’.

I concluded that the moment the Skippy peanut butter runs out, most of these self-styled radicals will hop a bus back to campus, or their parents’ suburban basements.

This was not a Tahrir moment. Not even close.

This crowd looked more like Ben and Jerry’s hippies than communist storm troopers.

Other media outlets ???


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10 years ago

So much for Steven Lerner and Wade Rathke starting an American Fall. Of course, who needs misdirected anarchists protesting when the real radicals have overthrown our government. The media must be breathing a sigh of relief for their lack of coverage of what has turned out to be a non-event.