Sen John Cornyn Grills Eric Holder and Demands He Resign

From YouTube:

Sen Cornyn (R-TX) lists offenses against Congress and states “It is my sincere hope President Obama replaces you”

Attorney General Eric Holder appeared again before the Senate Judiciary Committee this morning to testify about both his Justice Department’s continued stonewalling of Congress’s investigation into deadly Fast and Furious gunwalking operation, as well as an ongoing probe of the cyberattack-related national security leaks coming out of the White House of late. It wasn’t the most productive hearing to date in terms of getting answers, despite the gathering thunder calling for Congress to formally hold Eric Holder in contempt for deliberately neglecting to comply with the F&F-related Congressional subpoena (last week, we learned that of the known 140,000 existing documents relating to Fast and Furious, Holder has only turned over 7,600 to the House Oversight Comittee).

Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas), however, did give voice to a lot of the frustrations running high with Eric Holder and his sketchy Justice Department. All of this stonewalling doesn’t do much to convince us of your innocence, Mr. Holder, and during a heated exchange, Cornyn went right for the metaphorical jugular in this video.

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9 years ago

John Cornyn ripped Holder a new one. Made my day!!