Separation In Place


There are moral principles which are far older than the laws written by men. A man’s survival is one of them, and so is the survival of a people. In a conflict between our survival and the laws of men, our survival takes precedence.

There is no place for men or tradition in modern society. Instead of complaining or doing back-flips trying to re-engineer ourselves into modern society, the proper masculine response is to make a new society. A society within a society. If that means that the society with no place for men and tradition is destroyed, then so be it. This is the path modern society is heading down anyway. A society with no place for men and tradition is doomed, as it has excised the forces which bind it together. Such a society deserves death, and it is inevitable. Our society will be designed to withstand the collapse of the current order, and preserve our people and traditions.

We need to stop telling people and start showing them. People know the system doesn’t work but they are fed up with hearing about it. They shrug their shoulders and say ‘what can we do?’ We will show them. People talk of the power of ideas but ideas are only given power when they are turned into action by men. This is how we will show them.

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Tom Angle
5 years ago

I like this idea. I grew up in the largest Amish community in the world and seen that it does work almost like the author has written. Are there any communities like this already established?

5 years ago

My adult children (and their sig-others) and I have openly discussed forming our own community. Purchase the land and be self-sufficient. Only like-minded friends and family welcome within.