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enn ess
enn ess
1 month ago

I do agree with him on all counts. This is not a fight among the democommies and republitards, the jabbed and unjabbed, it is a fight between Good and Evil, and it is fast approaching the point of no return. Will good win or will evil reign supreme? Evil, in the form of socialism/communism has been tried in the past, and failed every single time. But it hasn’t been tried on this scale ever before, and perpetuated from within. Do not count on Good prevailing this time around, we have become a morally defunct society, and this form of gummermint can only work for a morally, spiritually guided, and intelligent people, it will work for no other. We have proven beyond a doubt that we have failed miserably on al 3 counts. So what is left? Everyone here knows the answer!
The founders of this great country and writers of our Declaration and Constitution, were they alive today, this would have already been over with and we all would be living again a peaceful a constructive life. We as a society have only progressed as to our tolerance of evil. Think about that!