Skull-Stomping More Sacred Cows: A Rant about Militia “Standards”

Before anyone starts whining about me picking on people, or judging others….a little background.

I’ve taught over a dozen classes, in field and classroom environments to “militias” over the last two years. I’ve also had militia members in open-enrollment classes. While there are some exceptions that have proved the rule, the vast majority of them, when I showed up, were as squared away as a f_cking soup sandwich. I’m not sure if they’re better now, but at least they’ve been shown a better way.

I have respect for anyone who will get off his ass and go out, on a weekend, and do SOMETHING. I think it’s awesome that guys are getting off the couch and going to militia drill weekends, and getting outside and shooting their weapons (I hope they’re shooting their weapons).

I think it’s awesome that so many guys threw their shit in the truck and went to Nevada to stand up to the BLM. I KNOW that at least one guy who showed up is a former USMC NCO, with combat experience in Iraq. I hope there were a bunch more, and I hope all the militia “commanders” were at least smart enough to listen to the adult supervision.

What I don’t like? People passing off stupid bullshit as “training” and “standards” to well-meaning people who don’t know any better, under the color of “authority” as militia “commanders” because some jackass wrote a really poorly written set of “standards.”

I guarantee the “Lightfoot Militia Standards” mentioned in the below quoted comment from my last article was NOT written by anyone with military leadership experience. –JM)

The following comment was posted in the comments on the last article, and precipitated this skull-stomping:


h/t SFMedic


Well someone had to say it.

David DeGerolamo

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