So Much for Firearm Ban at Protest in Richmond

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10 months ago

THIS is what the (((communists))) Fear. In all cases where a significant number of Armed Citizens make an ‘Appearance’, the ‘government’ DARES NOT to interfere. Regardless of the false “laws” against Bearing Arms, whenever enough Citizens do so, the .gov is Faced with the Unthinkable Decision -- sit there quietly and hope the People don’t drag them from their offices ad Hang them, or try and “Enforce the Law” and “Trigger” (pun intended) a Full-On Civil War.

Even 1,000 Armed Men in an Urban Area are Impossible for all the thugpigs to Arrest, never mind “suppress”.

This, is the Way Forward- Armed Marches on State Capitols, until the (s)Elected Officials are More Afraid of the People than the (((mneychangers))) that Own them.