Some Good News for the Novel Corona Virus

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4 years ago is starting to have articles about the ‘financial impact’ of the chinamart plague. Lots of comments and links in those articles, often better than the article itself. Unfortunately, a lot of B.S. to weed through, but IMO this could have more economic/political impact than the ‘body count’. It could expose the ‘just in time’ supply chain to effects like Truckers and Warehouse Workers staying home, and only a few Days of reduced Trucking starts to leave the Grocery Store Shelves looking bare.

How many Weeks can you stay home and have something to eat?

FWIW, Wuhan China is where the Chinese Army has its main Biowarfare Lab…
Coincidence? I think not.

p.s. Those paper, ‘N-95’ masks are worthless for protecting you from catching it, or any other Viral Pathogen- they can get in your Eyes, as well as what you Touch and then touch your Face.
If you want to play Biowar professionally, you need the Mil-Spec Mask and the rest of the Gear, and Know how to use it…

a follower
a follower
4 years ago

Reminded me of the wall, they will build it while at the same time flying many into the country. Our hedge of protection is down! Has been down.