Some WNC Republicans won’t back Trump-endorsed candidate

Some WNC Republicans won’t back Trump-endorsed candidate

As Republicans across North Carolina’s 11th Congressional District head to the polls, some of them are bucking their party and their president by putting principle over politics.

Not only are they saying they won’t support Lynda Bennett in the Republican Second Primary runoff against Madison Cawthorn on June 23, they’re also saying they won’t support her in November if she wins, despite her endorsement by President Donald Trump.

“I love the man. I love what he’s doing,” said Henderson County Republican Jim Andrews. “The fact of the matter is, he’s probably never seen Lynda Bennett on stage. He’s probably never spoken to her. She talks about how she can’t wait to campaign with Trump. I guarantee you — Donald Trump does not want her speaking or campaigning with him. She would embarrass him.”



Let’s hope that Lyin’ Lynda’s past has finally caught up with her.

David DeGerolamo

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11 months ago

Please don’t link Bennet as a real Tea Party person. She does not represent their values. I used to think she was a RINO operative after the first year of theHaywood 9-12 group based on her actions. Total freeze on group communications and local political action. The republican establishment probably had a fear of being outed and wanted control of the Tea Party message. Now many years later I learned Bennet had change political parties from Democrat to republican just a year or two prior to entering the Haywood 9-12 group. Maybe I was wrong, and she was really a Democrat operative? She did state, “NEVER TRUMP!” And never stated she had changed her opinion of p resident Trump, but instead offered up excuses about being taken out of context.