Sons of Liberty or Circle-Jerkers?

From III Percent Patriots

I am not here to make friends.

More people every week learn that I do not suffer Fools, Liars, faux-Patriots or shit-talkers.

I am here to find a way to live the remainder of my life free and at Liberty, the same Liberty known to our Founders.

Liberty will not be found by writing eloquently. Our Founders had Jefferson, and they still had to take to the Green. We do not have a Jefferson, so you’d better plan on getting dirty if you truly want Liberty.

When I was in Mercer I saw a group of Patriots who mean to be free and at Liberty. Some are closer to fitting in with the Sons of Liberty than others. But none were circle-jerkers. The Bank of America declaration that David, Brock and the others from the North Carolina PatCom brought to life was Sons of Liberty. You can bet real action was discussed at every PatCom. And there will be more.

Sadly, there is a tremendous amount of circle-jerking around us. Men who complain about the number of babies murdered every year, but can’t list a single Abortionist they have ever stopped from going to work. Men who complain about being groped by TSA, but permit it anyway, while counseling the rest of us to stand tall and be men, to simply take our Liberty from behind the keyboard.


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9 years ago
Reply to  DRenegade

I’ve been unplugged for several days. Could you please elaborate about both points 1 and 2, so I can get up-to-date?

9 years ago

from what I understand we’re going to DC with empty gun holsters to make a statement of intent never to shoot first, but will shoot back if tyranny comes our way

9 years ago

May I make a slight correction -- the trip to DC, wearing empty holsters, is to deliver a declaration, with the point being that, from thence forth, we will respond to tyranny with force. Thus the motto, “This is the last time I come unarmed”.

9 years ago

My understanding is we will leave DC with our intent, clearly stated, to live the remainder of our lives in “rightful liberty” … where this is defined:

Rightful Liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. ~ Thomas Jefferson

If “the central authority” continues to infringe, we will vigorously defend our Liberty by any means necessary.