Soros Fears ‘Rebellion’, Warns “The Euro Could Destroy The EU”

Asked what kind of change is needed, Soros said,

“Germany needs to realise that the policy it impose on the euroarea – the austerity programme – is counter-productive. It cannot actually succeed. At the moment they [the South] is being pushed – unwittingly, not with bad intentions, but the effect is that they are being pushed into a long lasting depression and that is what is happening to Europe. And it may last more than a decade, in fact it could become permanent, until the pain is so big that eventually there may be a rebellion, a rejection of the EU, and that would then be the destruction of the EU, which is a terribly heavy price to maintain to preserve the euro, which is meant to be just a servant of the EU.”


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8 years ago

When Georgie appears in the news, get ready for other things to happen…
After all, he knows *exactly* what he’s doing, and what the results of such an interview will be.