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Today, December 18th, 2019, the Congress of the United States, led by one speaker Pelosi, has brought us here once again.

Let the facts be laid before a candid world — the Democrats have never, since 2008, accepted actual elections and electoral results.  They believe they are entitled to rule — not as representatives, but as despots.  They believed Barack Obama was entitled to the Office of President, in that they not only backed they cheered on his claims of ruling with his “pen and phone” when he could not get what he wanted.

They rammed down the throats of Americans Obamacare, protecting medical monopolists in a scheme hatched by both sides of the aisle in concert with lobbyists and other malefactors, to steal more than $3 trillion a year and bankrupt not only the people but the nation itself.  This, despite laws making such conduct illegal that have stood for more than 100 years.  The presence of such laws became mere nuisances to be ignored.

When Obama ran out of time due to term limits the Democrats had their appointed replacement — Hillary Clinton — a geriatric woman who couldn’t even manage to walk from her posh limousine, likely stocked with vodka bottles, to the stage and take the podium to make a speech for herself without being propped up by her handlers.  The nation watched as she nearly died attempting to give said speeches, then returned to her car — not by assassins bullets or hurled bottles but rather by her own frailty and unfitness for anything other than a sanitarium.

Today we have not one but two geriatric clowns contending for the Democrat nomination — one who already had a heart attack while campaigning and the second who can’t remember what physically State he is standing in.  By any measure neither is fit for any public office, say much less President.

Trump won the election on the strength of promises he, like the rest of the swamp, have relentlessly broken time and time again.  But nobody cares.  Not only has he refused to make good on his promises to break the medical monopolists he has allowed the Chinese and Mexicans to literally invade our land with addictive drugs and brigands, rapists and other felons. He blames the Democrats as “do nothing” yet he sits in his office with 100+ year old laws in his back pocket and allows his campaign workers and people in his administration to be illegally and in fact feloniously railroaded, in many cases straight into prison, predicated on felony misconduct by the police themselves when he is in fact the chief of said police.  In a just society said “cops” would be at best facing felony indictment themselves, or even put up against the wall, to take a phrase from Greta Thunberg for their treachery.  But no — despite 400 pages documenting such felony abuses and a formal rebuke from the court that was conned, both in the public record, said victims remain in prison or under indictment and the guilty run free to show up on Maddow’s show and publicly admit to their bias — without consequence.

The FBI and DOJ have documented that the Hoover Building was well-named, for Hoover was a thug himself, using the machinery of the government to stomp on political rivals.  That was a felony in the class of open sedition, one of the most-serious, yet rather than be looked up as a clone of Stalin he’s been lionized by having a building named after him.  Should it be any surprise that the agency contained within believes it is perfectly free to act exactly as did the Stasi?

Matt Gaetz, one of the key cheerleaders for Trump, has done exactly nothing to stop either the******of the people in his district near North Okaloosa Medical Center, second-worst rated medical ripoff establishment in the nation just a couple of years ago but also the ongoing, daily financial******suffered by the brigands in one of the counties in which he serves that has effectively passed a state income tax that siphons off up to 20% of a part-time worker’s gross wages, in fact exceeding the effective tax rate of a “rich” person.  Not one thing has been done about any of these schemes and scams, with Matt simply contending to be next-in-line when Trump term-limits out.

After all, it’s good to be King, even if you’re a drunk, right Matt?  Who wouldn’t want the FBI to be available to do THEIR bidding when the time comes?

Exactly what charges and specifications should go into the modern version of the Declaration are yet to be determined.  This is a debate we must have as a free people, and we must do it now before the mere debate itself is declared a felony and every Ring doorbell out there, along with the myriad cameras dotting every road and intersection directly funnel all such conversations and motion straight back to the NSA where you, deer citizens, shall upon mere observation be picked up and tossed unceremoniously into a waiting boxcar.

If you think that cannot happen here, in America, you’re wrong.  It both can and already is.

The Founders gave us a First Amendment so we could have that conversation and a Second Amendment if and when the inevitable putsch was attempted and people started being locked up for invented offenses, and our “votes” no longer counted.

That day has arrived and now we shall find out whether the First Amendment is worth the paper it was printed on.

I can only hope it is, because if it is not then that which no sane person can ever wish for is inevitably going to come to pass


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Thomas Dowling
1 year ago

A new petition:

He has refused to follow the clear and simple instructions that we gave him in Our Constitution.