Status on amnesty for illegals in Congress and a general update

Immigration Activists and Concerned Citizens,

First of all I hope all of you have a nice upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.  The fight to stop amnesty for illegal immigrants in not over, just sidelined until 2014.

Speaker John Boehner among others are not going to conference with the US Senate on the Gang of 8 Senate amnesty bill, however they are going to try to pass piecemeal legislation that starts off with immigration enforcement bills along with a possibly expanded guestworker bill and then ends with yet another bill to give amnesty in some form, probably to those who are young adults who came with their parents to the USA illegally.

Any amnesty is not acceptable to us……no matter what the form and excuses.  The Republicans will get beaten up by the Democrats and President Obama no matter what they do unless they offer a full scale amnesty to all illegals, and the Republicans will lose their conservative base with any off of amnesty.  Even the Union Chief of the workers in the US Citizenship and Immigration Services has said an amnesty threatens homeland security and will lead to widespread abuses and lead to disaster……will an amnesty be run by the government any better than Obamacare?   More to follow on our efforts in early 2014 to stop any amnesty train.

President Obama has already offered limited amnesties to illegal young adults, refused to enforce our current immigration laws (especially worksite enforcement), accused by ICE agents who said they were told to not enforce our immigration laws, lied about Benghazi, misrepresented border apprehensions data and refused to provide actual metrics, taking unconstitutional executive actions to change laws, and lied about Obamcare to name a few, so why should we trust him to enforce future enforcement laws should any kind of amnesty bill pass?

You might hear in the media that the American Action Forum and Bipartisan Policy Center (both orgs created to promote an amnesty by cheap labor advocates) with over 25 employees each (where did that money come from) and run by Doug Holtz-Eakin a former Bush Administration employee who also worked for “Amnesty John McCain” and  Doug attempts to show that an amnesty would reduce the deficit and increase wages.  I read the report and it is mush and even states in the fine print that wages won’t increase for years to come.  I suggest you continue to instead believe the Heritage Foundation report that lays out in detail how they arrived at their conclusions that an amnesty will cost trillions of dollars to US taxpayers.

Obama’s new nominee to run DHS is Jeh Johnson and he openly said in a Senate hearing on 20 November that he supports an amnesty for illegal immigrants.  He was bashed for this and also that he used identical language in 23 instances in his prehearing Senate questionnaire as that used by earlier Obama nominees……suggesting he didn’t even fill out the questionnaire himself.  Johnson admitted it was shoddy work.

Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook said he will spend $50 million to promote an increase of foreign workers in pending immigration legislation.  Since Facebook has 29,000 employees, if he could reduce their wages by $5000 each a year or reduce wage increases by as much, he would save $145 million a year.  No wonder large companies want to use immigration as a weapon against US workers.  A great article about experts debating if there’s a shortage of STEM graduates in the USA was written by Michael Vasquez of the Miami Herald about a year ago.  He notes tech companies are still laying off thousands of US workers (and it’s still going on this year) or shifting the work overseas.  One can always find a spot shortage here or there, but the data doesn’t support STEM worker shortages in the USA.

Thank you and send this email to your friends and associates.


Ron Woodard



(919) 460-8156

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