Stewart Rhodes warns Jan. 6th will be DISASTER for Trump if Insurrection Act is not invoked

I couldn’t get the Brighteon link to embed

So here it is on Youtube…

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10 months ago

I share his frustration but Trump MUST wait until ALL options are exhausted, including the congressional vote, to show just who is a “patriot” and who is a traitor, a part of the deep state, BEFORE he moves forward.
You can’t prosecute a criminal if he hasn’t been given the opportunity to comit a crime.
Be patient, keep preparing, and Keep the Faith!

10 months ago

Stewart Rhodes draws yet another line in the sand. I think he is running out of space to back pedal.

10 months ago

The air will be thinner for Trump if he doesn’t hit the table soon …
Freedom costs, power cannot be obtained from the judiciary.
The man was a submissive awkward boxing doll for 4 years everyone was allowed to
hit it without fear of consequences. They showed him off like one
School boys and now let him jump through hoops … no more
nice that, he has the entire power of the “JSOC” he only needs one hit
mark and the rest is Hilary ehh History.
Look at Prince Mohammed ibne Salman, he only needs a consulate
as a slaughterhouse and in the afternoon 3pm tea-time at Macron … that’s how it works.
They are butcher-mass murderer-terrorist-traitor-cannibals (Hannibal Lecter is
an auxiliary student) among the top 300 families,Capital crimes and high treason requirement to get entry to the Club it is and contact, you can not come with general attorney lawyers, they whistle the same song. They don’t even think about to commit crime.

Freedom justice costs blood Leonidas and his 300 already knew that

Mrs. Moldthan
Mrs. Moldthan
10 months ago

Not sure what Trump is doing yet but the news just came out
that he wants $2000.00 per person and all the unnessary
aid cut out. For the bailout.