Sticker Shock – September’s Retirement/Brokerage Statements

The New York Stock Exchange lost 700 points (-6.03%) in September. Most people will only realize their loss when they receive their monthly retirement/brokerage statement. When the statements come next week, what will be the response?

If history is repeating itself from the end of October 2008, the response will be sell orders. We are already starting to see this happen as program trades are executed at the end of the trading sessions. Over 100 points of today’s 240 loss occurred in the last hour of trading. The consequences of redistribution started when Obama was inaugurated. The third quarter of 2011 saw a loss of 13.18% in the NYSE. Imagine 1/8 of your life’s savings evaporating in three months. The only good news will be temporary: deflation will cause the value of your dollars to increase. I say temporary because this is only a prelude to hyperinflation as our impotent politicians point fingers instead of making the adult decisions necessary to correct our economic collapse.

David DeGerolamo

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10 years ago

The stock market is higher now then it has been in the last 3 to 5 years so take you’re idiotic Obama-bashing rhetoric to hell where it came from. No seriously, go kill yourself!