B-52 bomber (AP)

Three nuclear-capable bombers deployed to Europe this week for large-scale military exercises near Russia, the Strategic Command announced Friday night.

The B-52s from Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota, are currently operating from a base in Britain and joined maritime naval exercises in the Baltic Sea called Baltops 15, the largest naval exercise by NATO forces in the region this year.

The exercises are being held on and above international waters in the Baltic Sea and in Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia—the Baltic states—and Poland.

All four nations fear Russia’s military aggression in Crimea and continuing destabilization in eastern Ukraine will be followed by Moscow’s use of military force against them.

The Baltic states last month asked NATO to permanently deploy up to 5,000 troops to the region to deter NATO aggression. Poland also wants a permanent NATO military presence.


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6 years ago

this man boy in the white house wants our troops dead and he does not want them to return home, he needs them out of the country so he can continue to raise his foreign army to destroy the U.S., this is the reason why he has our military spread out across the world, to keep our military off shore and he wishes them all harm. Where are our so called treasonous generals and why aren’t they arresting the man Boy for high crimes. We have no business being in the Ukraine, nor any part that world near the Russian Border. Let the Europeans take care of there own problems with the Bolshevik Marxists.