Surprise Geomagnetic Storm

geomagnetic storm

This was unexpected. The Earth experienced a strong, level three geomagnetic storm last night, jacking up the KP Index to a level 7. NOAA, NASA, the ESA and IPS in Australia all failed to predict this. The reason this was so unusual is that the solar wind speed peaked at only around 500 kps, which is stronger than ambient solar wind but much weaker than a typical CME (coronal mass ejection). In other words, there is nothing in the history of studying these events to suggest that a mild CME from the eruption of a small plasma filament, that barely hit the Earth with a glancing blow would produce such a strong geomagnetic storm. Now, although a level 7 KP reading isn’t necessarily worrisome in terms of a solar kill-shot, there aren’t many possible explanations for such a strong storm from such a small CME.

So, what does this mean?

As many know, the Earth’s magnetic field has been weakening significantly. In 2000 is had lost 10% of it’s strength since the 1800’s, another 5% was lost by 2010, and we know that further losses were measured in 2015 and 2017. What this event suggests is that it may actually be much weaker than we realize. This makes the Earth extremely susceptible to future solar storms, and we are now entering solar cycle 25, with sunspots and space weather ramping up to a peak in 2025. The risk to the grid, and thus our way of life (electricity) is considerable.

So, we’ll ask again: What are YOU preparing for?

Learn more about this, with actual science, rather than political posturing or conspiracy nonsense, by visiting Ben Davidson’s site: Stay safe everyone.

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a follower
a follower
2 months ago

Good to see some one else watching this. This, i believe is Biblical!

2 months ago

This can be checked here --
The jnformation density is really high on these charts.
The key parts are the grid at the top -- this is a “map” of sunspot activity on the sun, from the Earths perspective. Green, yellow, or red on this chart is cause for concern.
At the bottom is the Geomagnetic histogram. Red here is of immediate concern, because these reports lag actual events, sometimes by several hours.

In the event of a major CME headed towards earth, there will be only a short warning period -- a few hours -- and by the time word goes public, you want to be safely done with your zero-day errands and safely home, for the obvious reasons.

In my community, I am the guy watching the “space weather”, as it is called. I hope your clan has a person tasked with watching this…

a follower
a follower
2 months ago
Reply to  Hammers Thor

One second after(amazing.) The other two books of the series also very good. Ever see the tv series revolution?
Been watching Bens site for 10 or more years. i can almost understand much of it. lol
Comments there are also a good read and a community feel about them.
Predicting earthquakes fairly accurately from activity on the sun. Would Highly recommend his12,ooo year cycle catastrophe series. Brings the Natural law in to perspective.

a follower
a follower
2 months ago

a follower
a follower
1 month ago

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