“We’re Fixin’ to Overturn the Results of the Election in Multiple States!” – Sidney Powell Releases the Kraken


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10 months ago

I truly admire Sydney Powell and am made hopeful by her confidence. Likewise Lin Wood and Rudy make me fell better. That was yesterday and this is Monday. So where is any news from Trumpland other than Georgia is going to certify their provably fraudulent vote tally on Thursday? I don’t expect the impossible but I do expect and need leadership now. It is not enough to say that thousands of items of tangible proof are being handed over to the DOJ (which is the same as shredding and tossing them to the wind) or that they are headed to the Supreme Court (to have men like Epstein Island Roberts make a ruling). Or better yet, we can know that ALL the news is being censored and just lay down, or take $1,000 out of savings and run to Atlanta to protest, and/or donate to team Trump’s legal defense fund…No, Nada, Nit, Zero! Where is the bona fide leadership capable and willing to be HONEST with us so that we can participate by doing more than wearing a Trump hat so that Antifa can get us on video while they beat us up. Enough already. Show me the handcuffs on treasonous wrists!