T.L. Davis: Burns Oregon

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There are always reasons not to do things and I know how a good many people in this community of patriots feel about protests and rallies, but there comes a time when numbers matter. The murder of LaVoy Finicum should not be allowed to go silently by. The Pacific Patriots Network has put out a peaceful call to action in Burns Oregon, a call to action that I will honor, because it calls for authorities who perpetrated murder and were involved in a conspiracy to commit murder to be held accountable.

We have moved past the point where we can vote our way out of our situation. We don’t have very many options left. Ammon Bundy tried one way that many of us felt was ill-advised and so we stayed out of it. We offered our support, but not our participation. Sadly, that effort turned deadly, but not because of Ammon Bundy. Bundy had talked to the FBI and had been lulled into thinking that he could share his grievances with rational people without a confrontation. LaVoy Finicum died as a result, but that was not the cause of Finicum’s death, no one is responsible for that death other than the OSP and the FBI who orchestrated it.

The Pacific Patriots Network is urging us to take part in a peaceful action to bring the light of day to the events of January 26th. Nothing else.


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