T.L. Davis – From my perspective, an agenda-driven media is the greatest enemy to liberty

The Greatest Enemy To Liberty

The American people are a political body, they are not just citizens. One might be a citizen of a prison, so it is not the act of being a citizen that gives them rights, their rights are derived from being part of the political process. During election time the political body of the American public is being lobbied by those holding seats on one side of the aisle or the other. It is a political act, so when the media acts not to inform that political body (the people), but to help one side or the other become successful in their lobbying efforts, it has committed a form of treason.

The cover-up of the reason for the assassination of the Ambassador to Libya is among the most dastardly and un-American acts I have witnessed the American media commit. We need the truth about American foreign policy, we need the truth to make good decisions about our leadership. The truth is that the attack on the Libyan and Egyptian embassies was about 9/11, but more importantly to remind Barack Obama that no matter how many bin Laden’s he kills there will always be more. On the heels of the Democratic Convention where having killed bin Laden was a major theme to appeal to the independents who may be watching, we have this attack on our embassies and there is NO connection in the media? Instead it is some obscure video on YouTube?

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