T.L. Davis: No Time to Surrender

This is what it feels like to be on a sinking ship, the bilge pumps unable to keep up with the continuous flow from the sea. The captain, unhinged and barely cognizant of his surroundings leading the ship further from shore at the request of his cadre of staff officers.

The problem is, there is no curiosity about how it ends. The technical aspects perhaps, but not the end. Once you recognize that your neighbor, who works at the DMV or the sheriff’s department is as clueless as to what constitutes communism as any five-year-old, you’re halfway through the problem. But I have always been interested in solutions, not identifying the problem, though in order to get to a solution, first one has to understand the problem. So, to that degree, I’m interested in identifying the problem.

We are a nation that, having led the world in every aspect, for many decades, decided that it wasn’t working and that it had to be dismantled generation by generation. The collective “we’ did not decide that, that was done by a few high-level people determined to have it all. Whether one identifies those few as Bilderbergers, or Trilateral Commission, or what doesn’t matter, really. They could be the Holy Jewish Conquistadors, for all the difference it makes.

The reality is that, as a people, we are under attack, under siege to become something different, preferably dead, but if alive, at least of some use to the cabal who seek our destruction. And, we all know it. Those who aren’t in on it, suffer from it and there is a degree of satisfaction knowing that those helping to destroy America will themselves suffer the same fate, but none of us will be around to see that.

The frustration comes from the fact that we all know it, no matter what side one is on, the tactics, the strategy are known, blatant and unashamedly employed, yet we all wonder when it will matter enough to enough people to do something about it. Those trying to destroy the nation are also frustrated by our inaction. They need us to act in order to implement the grand plan, but we haven’t.

I think we should, despite the fact that it plays into their hands, because inaction plays into their hands too, but at a slower pace. We’ve been sold out and most are trying to come to grips with the fact that there is nowhere to turn, no one who can be relied up to do their duty. Not the president, not the meter maid. There’s just us and we are so bound up in the idea of fighting it out, most of us won’t fight any other way and not even the kinetic way when it comes down to it. I wish I thought something different, but I don’t and I’ve always been honest with those reading these pages.

It is much easier to buy ammo, another rifle, train, learn comms and all of that good preparation, but except for the few who actually understand the situation and have a plan to enact it without anyone else’s help, it will all be lost, wasted effort when inaction rules. But it gives us something to do while we wait for the starter pistol to sound. I say this in all honesty, not intending to upset anyone or embolden anyone. We could not have gotten here if we were serious about defending our nation regardless of those on our side who turn against us, defame us and ridicule us, because they will.

When communism is so ingrained in a society as this one, there is no patriotism left, except among the unaffiliated, those not employed by some government agency. Everyone else has bought into the Marxist agenda, whether knowingly, or not. And, the fact that they have without knowing it, is even worse, because they don’t know that they should be doing something about it.

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1 month ago

“They could be the Holy Jewish Conquistadors, for all the difference it makes.”
That’s Exactly what (((they))) Think they are. It is a Prime Tenet of (((their))) ‘religion’ that the ‘jew’ is Holy, and the ‘goyim’ (non-‘jew’) is Profane. The Inability for most people to See that those who are in Control of this Nation (by the Fraud of fiat paper ‘money’) are the Worst bunch of Racist, Greedy, Anti-White (and anti-christian) people on the Planet.
(Although those who claim that what we are dealing with are Reptilian Aliens from the Strange Matter Universe may just be right)
I could fill Pages with quotes from the (((talmud))) about the Base Racism of these (((people))) but the key one is “..they (the goyim) are Beasts, made by ‘yahweh’ to Serve the ‘jew’.” If you cannot Recognize, Name, and Call Out the (((enemy))) you will NEVER be Fighting the ‘right enemy’.
And FFS people, if you are of White European Ancestry, walk away from that 501c3 ‘christian church’. They pray to ‘yahweh’ the (false) ‘god’ of the North African Sand-niggers. These ‘churches’ are a Creation of the ‘synagogue of satan’ and they preach Lies to further the Agenda of the (((parasites))).

Capt. Spaulding
Capt. Spaulding
1 month ago
Reply to  Gryphon

Dude you should really get back on your meds, or you should quit cherry picking your Bible. In case you forgot Jesus was a Jew and it even says right in the King James version that the Jews are Gods chosen people, you know the 12 tribes of Israel part , you must have missed it. Why it even says that the bad Jews will be destroyed, you must have missed that part to. In closing there will be no need to call me a Jew lover or other profane things , but you my friend need to learn what the meaning of being a true Christian is and hatred is not one of them.

1 month ago

I’m neither a ‘christian’ nor a ‘hater’. I have seen through the Lies that my self-declared Enemies have been telling for Centuries. You need to look into the babtlonian talmud, and what prominent jew-ish Preachers (rabbis) and Politicians have to say about “The Goyim” and how they are the most Racist M-F’s on the Planet. Once you Realize that (((they))) see you as Animals to be Exploited, Ruled Over, Robbed, Raped and Murdered, you MIGHT just become Enlightened enough to stop worshiping the (((jew))).
If you cannot Free your Mind, you will Remain a Slave.

1 month ago

Read,” They Own It All Including You”, by Dr Robert Rowen and Ronald MacDonald

1 month ago
Reply to  magrit11

Check Out “Zion’s Trojan Horse” by Senator Tanney. It’s old, but can still be found as a PDF, if you don’t use joogle to search for it.