T.L. Davis: The Radical Society

Every day there is another example of what has gone wrong in society. It is confounding that small percentages of people are able to derail long-sustained institutions with what seems like a minimum of effort. It is possible, though, because all of the major media outlets, television and movies, even commercials and print ads are slanted toward the destruction of traditional American values.

To recognize the election of Donald Trump as a victory of some sort, relies too heavily on national politics to address the issue. We are in bigger trouble than that, because there is no election that we can hold that will replace the things that have been lost. There is no series of elections that will produce that outcome. The recognition that there is no way to vote oneself out of the situation does not provide a path out and that is what we should be looking for.

How do we get ourselves out from under the thumb of Facebook and Twitter, Amazon and Google? They are taking over the nation in a myriad of ways. One can say “don’t go online” or “don’t use those services” but that does not change the fact that these services are being used by hundreds of millions of our countrymen, supplying these services with all of the ammunition necessary to drive us underground.

They use their success to further anti-gun rhetoric, promotion of anti-American slogans, encourage open borders, finance liberal candidates, invade our privacies and expose our information to anyone willing to pay for it.

In a functioning republic, these services would be required to keep private information secure or face huge fines, but politicians either rely on their support or fear their wrath. So, in this way as with many others, we, the people, are left with no representation to speak of, even though we spend nearly half of our income supporting one government or another.

This extends all the way down to the city and county governments who have learned from the national governments that the power to tax is the power to enslave. So, we are caught between having to pay taxes on everything and having no say in how our taxes are spent. This was intolerable to the Revolutionary American, but it seems quite agreeable to us.

No, the roots of our discontent go deeper than to just those who have discovered how to expose our weakness. We have allowed weakness to become a part of our political profile and there are those who recognize it, enable it and profit from it. It is ours to decide whether to indulge it, or not.

We are on the verge of some very nasty measures to be used against us. One, is the ability to sequester our finances, because once it goes digital, there is no way to keep those funds from the keystrokes of our enemies. What are we to do about it? Any action will seem and be publicized as the backward Yokels whining about their poverty, poverty caused by the tyrannical forces we have allowed to promulgate. Then, they can hold these finances hostage to force action on gun control. If you do not voluntarily turn your guns in, they will freeze your bank accounts and fine you the contents. The same goes for retirement funds and other sources of revenue, perhaps even sales of gold and silver will be placed on hold to determine if you have cooperated with every political objective of the government, that is now and will be forever controlled by leftists.

We are past the point of no-return on the political scale. The left is the new right and everything is skewed from that point further leftward.

I don’t know why or how we have lost the initiative to common sense, but it has been replaced by the mantras supplied to us by the radical society. A society that no longer seeks justice, but victims for its brute force. There is no “getting along” with it, there is only capitulation.

There are signs that the general population is growing weary of their antics, but it is too little, too late. The global powers are in control and will bring about a devastating financial crisis to bring all of us under their power, then disarmament, subjugation and enslavement.

Myself and many others have seen this coming for a long time and have been railing on and on about the little things that others ignored, not recognizing that the little things are the indicators of the greater evil. Calls to action have been panned as ridiculous and useless, having never tried them.

Okay, so here we are and I can think of nothing that can be done peacefully that will have any impact at all. My state has passed Red Flag laws that are obviously unconstitutional, but someone would have to take the Constitution seriously to believe that they will be overturned, but even then, the damage has been done. Some counties have refused to enforce them or allow any funds to be used to enforce them. But, they are there and that is the trend, to come at us all-out this election year.

The only question and something each individual has to ask is: having been enslaved, what is the price of freedom?

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mickey d
3 years ago

Well we all know the problems, how about some solutions or counter measures?

Obama's boyfriend
Obama's boyfriend
3 years ago
Reply to  mickey d

How about tar and feathering those who thinks society’s norms are optional and they have the right to violate every tradition, custom, and law in the law? If I ever find some guy going into a women’s bathroom when my wife or daughter is there, I think he can count on remaining there.

Not So Free
Not So Free
3 years ago

There was a good cartoon on Patriot Post (I think) that showed the door signs. It said if you are supposed to use this door (mens) and I catch you going in here (Ladies) while my wife and daughter are in there, you’re going to need this door (HP).

a follower
a follower
3 years ago

Sin and corruption is the cause. “Not just by the leaders.” i do not believe sin and corruption begins at the top. Although it is easier to see.

Extreme -- ism on both sides, serves the enemy, the same common enemy.
Extreme fear, extreme hate, extreme anger, lies, lies and more lies, all serve the enemy.
As L.T used to say,
We have been warned!
Perhaps we should visit these warnings and gain some insight into the hows and the whys?
And the what we can and should do about it?

3 years ago

The prince of this world has put the hammer down and the people are ill equipped for ensuing spiritual warfare.
We have been warned indeed.

3 years ago

The “Red Flag” laws are just like those in any other country which is ruled by a government with a red flag -- we know who those countries are. We also know what happened when the people in those countries gave up their guns -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lj8fP5wCy9g -- and that could definitely occur here, there’s nothing stopping it. And burying the guns didn’t help, either.

The Nazis pulled the same tricks in the Warsaw Ghetto, my old landlady from 30 years ago was part of the Jewish Resistance Fighters there. It wasn’t pleasant, but bank accounts were the least of her concerns. Read this, it’s a good account of what *that* was like: http://www.writing.upenn.edu/~afilreis/Holocaust/warsaw-uprising.html She escaped, finally, through the sewers, out into the city, and then out into the countryside, where her group got ratted out by the Polish Resistance to the Nazis, and she got sent to Auschwitz -- which she survived -- she was in the camp brothel… and made her way to Israel and then to the US. All of our conversations were auf Deutsch, she spoke Polish, Yiddish, Hebrew, and German, but had a limited command of English.

Actually, society is far more fragile than might appear, it’s totally dependent on the cooperation of people like you -- you go to work, and the products of your labor are vitally important to keep things going. The Polish people figured that out in 1989, and just stopped work. Their communist government was on Aeroflot to Moscow two weeks later. Of course, robots could take over -- but who fixes the robots and keeps them working? If you think logistically, you might find a solution.

3 years ago

Universal basic income is really all about control as well.
It won’t be just for those people who absolutely depend on it to live, either.

Say everyone gets an extra $20,000 per year. No strings.

Except when the strings are slowly introduced.
Posted some badthink on a board somewhere? Withheld.

It will just be a Western version of the new Chinese social credit score.

No one I talk to about this sees it. No one. They just see the free money that is anything but free.