T.L. Davis: We Will Have Our Epoch

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A couple of more mainstream publications are featuring articles discussing a possible revolution in America. They are not visualizing armed conflict, but social revolutions which have occurred in our history several times. The 20’s is one with the response to prohibition and the sudden realization that a law passed by the goodhearted or evil, however you perceive their motives, in contradiction to the general public sentiment unleashed a backlash of a “shove it” attitude and the social fabric of America had changed. True, many stuck to their convictions in their own lives, but moralizing for the general population didn’t work.

I believe these writers have their finger on the pulse of something we have known for a long time, that things aren’t right and there is a reckoning. Part of this was on display with several states considering splitting in two or three different states as liberals and conservatives seem further and further apart ideologically with no reason to reconcile. Lines are being drawn and hardened.

I have read numerous stories concerning gun control and the left. They believe that the Supreme Court has thrown the door wide open for gun ownership. They feel betrayed and dismayed by the people they have put into office for not shutting down the pro-gun movement. That is a long way from where many of us in the liberty/patriot community stand, but what we do have in common is the desire to push back harder, not reconcile.

Then, if you talk to your neighbors (and most folks don’t) it is interesting to find that those on the right are pushing harder right, stocking up on ammo and guns, making plans for when “they” come (usually hordes of one sort or another or the feds). Those on the left have abandoned any concept of America as we know it, they are only interested in the transformation they feel is imminent and necessary to do away with things like guns and freedom. Oh, they are all for liberty as long as it is something they want to do, but if they don’t like it, or it makes them feel uncomfortable, it must be shut down.

These are just general people I have talked to, unaffiliated with particular groups, just people. They are not activists other than to have a pro-Bernie Sanders bumper sticker or an NRA emblem on the rear window of their Toyota Camry. They are nothing more extreme than that, but they are willing participants in the conflict rather than a resolution.

All right, so up to this point this has all been fairly mealy-mouth, wishy-washy conservative/liberal speak that means nothing outside of political campaigns. It is cotton candy, the sort of articles I would write if I worked for some magazine. But, here’s where it gets real.

In Esquire they profiled C.J. Grisham of Open Carry Texas and while the article tried hard to look down on this society of gun-toting Texans and Vets with PTSD like Grisham, they did a decent job of profiling his character and the attitudes most of us have about the Second Amendment. While they inspected Grisham somewhat like an insect that fascinated them, they did not belittle his efforts or underestimate his determination to make a stand. They were saying, in essence: Here is the enemy, don’t take him lightly.

So, what I get from all of this is simple: Barack Obama has done nothing other than to solidify the lines of resistance, one way or the other. The liberal agenda he has pushed has hardened everyone’s positions and made extremists of us all. For most of us, we passed that line long ago and have actually been disappointed by the jellyfish responses most people have made in response to it. Everyday I go out into public I wonder: where is the outrage? Importing illegals to vote Democrat? That doesn’t bother you people? Just the open affront ought to be enough, just the deprivation of a vote ought to do it.

The change is coming. Call it revolution, or social upheaval or whatever. Call it an epoch. Whatever was is gone and not just for those like myself who are sensitive to their rights, who are outraged so often and on so many fronts that it can no longer be called outrage. It is something closer to the feeling that one gets when they go into their shed for a chainsaw and find that someone has stolen it. Someone broke the lock and took it. Violated, I guess. Raped would probably be more accurate. Raped of my rights, raped of liberty.

So, yes, there is the world I live in and the world of relatively normal people with blase attitudes toward what has taken place, a sort of shrug, but that is not true. They inwardly seethe with resentment, letting their rage flare in a private conversation, but no further, not for now. But, there will come a time when these resentments come to the surface (on both sides). Then, we will have our epoch.

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5 years ago

oh ye the rage has been building against all liberals in the government as well as the mentally ill liberal thinkers which comprise 20% of our population, so why are these 20% allowed to keep pushing the 80% around. When it explodes the folks wont need to get the names of these evil doers, we all know whom they are in government and the media. these evil Bolsheviks have become so emboldened they sign there names to lists letting us all know they are communist abettors. It’s the media that must be taken down first because they are there mouthpieces for the State, once they are silenced for ever then it will be onto the government WHORES in the Judiciary, then the rest of the scumbag traitors in Both houses. As for the Bureaucratic WHORES who think they are nations unto themselves, they all must be shut down, and every liberal removed. When the people lose all then they will have nothing else to lose, but to completely shut the government down.


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Average Joe
Average Joe
5 years ago

If only we were the same people of the twenties but demographics, language, faith, and genetics tell a much different story.

Short of a mass movement to a geographic area and reesatblish the culture and people who founded this once great nation for we have little hope standing separately.

Paul Bonneau
5 years ago

“Importing illegals to vote Democrat? That doesn’t bother you people?”

It might, if Republican politicians were worth a rat’s ass. But they aren’t, so why get upset?

As to the old liberal vs conservative thing, as far as I can tell the only difference is what each wants to throw innocent people in jail for, not whether people should be jailed at all. As I’ve said before, I could never be a conservative, because conservatives love government far too much for my taste.

But yeah, a war is coming. I hope there is a place left for freedom lovers when it is done.

T.L. Davis
T.L. Davis
5 years ago
Reply to  Paul Bonneau

There won’t be. That’s the whole point. And I conceded that voting was stupid, but not for most people, for most people it is important and if so and they see the denigration of their vote and are not outraged, I don’t understand that. Guess you missed the point.