Tactical PSYOP: the Groundwork of Local Security


by Sam Culper III

Nationally, at the strategic or operational level, I think we have a good deal of pro-Liberty Psychological Operations (PSYOP) activity.  The alternative news outlets, blogs and those who leverage social media and the internet to turn videos, images or memes into viral Liberty campaigns are achieving operational-level success.

I think the tactical PSYOP, at the community/county level, is severely lacking in most markets.  The three inherent problems with using social media and the internet is that (1) we’re likely repeatedly reaching the proverbial choir, (2) it’s so deceptively easy that we forget that we’re missing large swaths of the population who have limited interest in social media or internet access, and (3) most of these issues are national instead of local.  Focusing on the strategic while neglecting the tactical is a recipe for disaster.

Post-SHTF, it won’t matter as much to me that I reached 10,000 online as it will be that I reached the 10 or 100 people who live closest to me.


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