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Verizon Unlimited Speedtest


Here is the speedtest of our Internet using “Verizon Unlimited”. Although the service is advertised as unlimited access, after 10GB in a monthly period, Verizon “may” decrease your speed. We were not close to reaching our limit when this speedtest … Continue reading

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Throttled by Verizon

I have moved my business to the new training center and the open house is this Saturday, May 27th at 11:30 AM. There were some kinks and some bright spots to get to this point. There was one area in … Continue reading

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How’s That Internet Connection?

See additional comments on Tea Party Nation. Ever have a piece of equipment fail over time? It works good enough so that you accept the “minor” inconvenience of it running slower, costing money to patch it and/or listening to its … Continue reading

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Georgia Internet Takedown/Cyberattacks

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A Prelude to War?

Syria has cut off all Internet access today (May 7, 2013). The most logical conclusion is that Syria is about to launch an offensive (internally against al Qaeda/Muslim Brotherhood “rebels” or externally against Israel). If this is the case, it … Continue reading

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