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Russia Has Equipped Syria With Their Most Advanced Anti-Ship Missiles

Russia has sold Syria highly advanced rocket launchers, anti-aircraft missiles and anti-ship missiles.  In fact,the P-800 Yakhont anti-ship missiles that Russia has equipped Syria with are the most advanced anti-ship missiles that Russia has.  When the United States strikes Syria, they … Continue reading

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Update on the Latakia Attack

Submarine attack or air strike? The bottom line is that 50 Russian-made Yakhont P-800 anti-ship missiles were destroyed on July 5th by Israel and Russian military forces are on high alert. Why did the media not report what may be the … Continue reading

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US to media: Israel struck Latakia arsenal last week.

Update: Russian Forces on Full Alert (translated) US officials early Saturday, July 13 named Israel as responsible for the July 5 air strikes against the big arms depot at a Syrian naval base in the Alawite port city of Latakia. Dispelling … Continue reading

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Russia sends Assad ‘ship killing missile’

Russia delivers Yakhont missiles, warships to Assad; Lavrov: Arms deal won’t change regional balance of power. Russia sold advanced Yakhont antiship cruise missiles to Syrian President Bashar Assad, outfitted with an advanced guidance system that makes them more effective than … Continue reading

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