Tea party, GOP establishment vie in NC primary

The struggle for control of the Republican Party is getting an early voter test in North Carolina, where former presidential nominee Mitt Romney and tea party favorite Rand Paul on Monday pushed their own candidates for the right to challenge Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan in November.

On the eve of Tuesday’s primary, Romney, the 2012 GOP presidential nominee, assured Republicans that House Speaker Thom Tillis is “a conservative” with deep roots in the state. Paul, meanwhile, called his candidate, obstetrician Greg Brannon, a “dragon slayer” and the “true believer” in an eight-person race watched nationally for its influence over the party and the makeup of the U.S. Senate.

Even Hagan, one of the Democrats’ most vulnerable incumbents, got involved in the Republican primary by taking a page out of her party’s political playbook. In a mailing, she hit Tillis, the fundraising leader in the GOP pack, for saying President Barack Obama’s controversial health care law is “a great idea,” even as he campaigns to repeal it. Tillis’ full quote called the law “a great idea that can’t be paid for.” Hagan voted for “Obamacare.”



I believe that Thom Tillis is North Carolina’s best politician. His knowledge of the political process is unmatched as proven by his incredible amount of Governor Bev’s veto overrides. He will hit the ground running when elected to the Senate and bring home the bacon for North Carolina.


He will represent the Republican Party over the people. Kay Hagan was a disgrace to North Carolina since her election on the coattails of the Obama wave. Whoever wins the Republican primary will beat her. Will Dr. Brannon be effective in Washington, D.C.? Tea Party Nation’s article made it clear that he will not. But isn’t Dr. Brannon the Tea Party candidate? How can Tea Party Nation not support him?

We really don’t need an article detailing the divisions in the Tea Party factions. This primary in North Carolina is a referendum on our future. Will the people vote for the establishment GOP candidate or will they vote for a Constitutional candidate who will act in the best interest of the people?

I have no doubt that we will have two GOP senators after the November elections in North Carolina. I hope that at least one will represent the people instead of the party.

David DeGerolamo

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