Tea Party is Racist … oh, ummm, no … it’s your president.

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10 years ago

Isn’t that the point? Divide America by race, class, religion or ideology. Diversity instead of unity to bring down our country and make us pay. Without America, the new world order with an open society will be made possible.

10 years ago

Everyone gets a fair shot? We had that once…before intrusive government and “crony capitalism” came along. Everyone plays by the same rules? Bull—-! This is coming from the same person (within the same political/social class) who believes that they’re better than the rest of the nation, and knows “what’s best for us”, who work 150 days out of the year, and who believe that just because they’re “public servants”, they should have golden parachute health care for life and the same salary well into retirement. These same folks espouse “transparency” while in the same breath perform behind closed-doors backroom deals that end up costing us more money in the long run.

Okay all you crap-spouting politicians, enough with the rhetoric because most of us know the deal.

The reason why we have a “shrinking number of people who do really well” is because we have an increasing number of people who feel “entitled” to what everyone else has and is unwilling to put forth the effort to attain the same things that the well-off have. I firmly believe the main culprit of this mentality is our “fantastic” educational system which continually refuses to promote “winners” and proclaims “everyone is a winner” (yeah, sure). This ridiculous method thus keeps the kids who want to learn and succeed held back while trying to tote along those who either can’t or refuse to learn (no child left behind, anyone?) -- essentially promoting the “union” mentality from ages 5-18. Also, our “superb” educational system refuses to teach basic education (writing, reading, math, history, science), or at least teaches it to at or below a minimum standard.

If you want more “winners” in this world, promote the winners. It’s that simple. People who continuously try to strive for high achievement only to be buoyed by those who are there to “promote fairness” are eventually going to give up because they’re smart enough to know that fruitless effort is worse than no effort at all (insert favorite square peg/round hole or bang head against wall analogy here).

Oh yeah, and if you want “fairness”, remove the rules that stack the deck in someone else’s favor.