Terrorist Groups in Syria Armed with Chemical Weapons

Iran’s Fars news agency and Debka have released a story of the Obama administration’s Syrian rebel force becoming armed with chemical weapons from Libya. If this is true, it gives new meaning to Valerie Jarrett’s right to protect policy. The consequences of a kinetic action in Libya by the United States without Congressional approval are now apparent. It is strange how one nation’s terrorists are another nation’s rebel freedom fighters. Even if they are Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood. Mr. Obama’s tangled web in the Middle East will have negative implications in his reelection bid. And where is Hillary Clinton and Congressional oversight? Mr. Putin is celebrating tonight.

David DeGerolamo

Terrorist Groups in Syria Armed with Chemical Weapons

Terrorist groups in Syria are now armed with chemical weapons, media reports disclosed on Saturday, adding that these groups receive the needed trainings on how to use such lethal weapons in Turkey.

According to a report by Syrian DamPress, these chemical weapons have been transferred to Syria from Libya.

The news agency pointed to the growing number of media reports on the use of chemical weapons in Syria, and warned, “Any report released or to be released on the Syrian Army’s alleged use of the chemical weapons is meant to pave the ground for the terrorists to use these weapons against the people and accuse the Syrian army and government of that crime.”

Meantime, the report expressed the hope that the Syrian army would foil the very dangerous plot against the country.

The revelation came after the Western states and armed rebel groups embarked on butchering pro-government civilians in two separate areas and intended to project the blame on President Bashar al-Assad’s government, but they failed.

The opposition Syrian National Council claimed that forces loyal to President Assad “massacred” about 100 people, including 20 women and 20 children, in the village of al-Qubeir, in province of Hama, on Wednesday.

The massacre of the civilians in Hama came days after similar events in Houla.

The May 25 assault on the central area of Houla was one of the bloodiest single events in Syria’s 15-month-old unrests, and gruesome images of dozens of children killed in the attacks prompted a wave of international outrage.

The UN said 32 children under the age of 10 were among the dead.


Chemical warfare feared raising its head in the Syrian civil war

Tehran pumped out a report Early Sunday June 10 accusing Syrian rebels of arming themselves with chemical weapons originating in Libya and acquiring training in their use from an unknown source in their use. The report sent shudders of alarm through Western capitals and Israel and fears that Tehran and Damascus were preparing the ground for the Assad regime to resort to chemical warfare to finally crush its foes.

Iran claimed, “Any report released on the Syrian Army’s alleged use of the chemical weapons is meant to pave the ground for the terrorists to use these weapons against the people and accuse the Syrian army and government of that crime.”

Three days earlier, on June 7, Syrian rebel sources charged that the Syrian air force planes had dropped poisonous substances over Deraa, Hama and Idlib which knocked people unconscious. This later proved unfounded.

Western military sources watching Syria’s flashpoint areas warn that the fact that both sides of the conflict are now talking openly about chemical warfare attests to their seriously getting ready for this deadly escalation – and the ultimate game-changer. If they indeed go through with it, say sources Washington, European capitals, Riyadh and Jerusalem, US President Barack Obama cannot possibly stick to his refusal to take military steps in Syria and will have to step in with limited force to stop the escalating horror.

In that case, the US would almost certainly be joined by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and possibly other Arab nations. Official spokesmen in the West, Moscow and the UN are still warning that Syria is on the verge of civil war, refusing to admit that a sectarian war which they failed to avert is already fully fledged – certainly between Sunni Muslims and Assad’s Allawite minority.

The Christians are also involved because some members of that community occupy high-ranking positions in the military command. Defense minister Dawoud Rajiha, who manages government action against the revolt, is a Christian.


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