Thank you being a part of the campaign to save the American/Communist Dream.

Rebuild the Dream

Hooray! We did it!!!

We found out last night that my book, Rebuild the Dream, made the New York Times Best Seller List, at #15 for the week of April 22!!!

Unbelievable. This is what we were working so hard for, but it was always a LONG shot. We had the only book to make the list put out by a small, independent publisher. We didn’t have a slick, expensive, corporate PR machine to get the word out. Instead, you, our grassroots network, did it with some serious elbow grease. Dozens of the nation’s top progressive organizations also stepped up in the most generous ways possible to spread the word.

To all of you: thank you! Thank you for making this happen. I want to hug each and every one of you!!!

This is an achievement for all of us. We showed that our ideas — progressive solutions — are best-selling ideas in America. The New York Times Best Seller List gives books a whole new level of exposure. Our movement’s story and solutions will be in bookstores and airport newsstands all over the country. We can fix the economy and reclaim our democracy, so that it works for everyone.

Thanks so much for believing in me/us/this message! Thank you being a part of the campaign to save the American Dream.

– Van

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