The 48 hour challenge prepper contest

From YouTube:

This challenge is to show how prepared we all really are?
We are asking people to live off-grid for 48 hours PLEASE SEND YOUR VIDEO FOR THE CONTEST TO BEXAR PREPPER

1st Prize $500 Visa Gift Certificate
2nd Prize $200 Visa Gift Certificate
3rd Prize WonderBox

This means…..
• No on grid electricity….. for heat, AC, cooking, lights etc. We don’t expect you to unplug your refrigerator or deep freeze, but you can’t OPEN IT!!! (Unless it’s for medications)
• No on grid water….. No running water at all, sinks, hoses, or flushing toilets.
• No non-emp proof vehicles….You can’t run to the store to pick up things you have forgotten.
• No phones or computers unless off-grid power is used. (except for emergencies)
If it’s part of your preps you can use it!
We want to see your challenges, achievements and failures.

Rules to enter
Your Video Response MUST be titled “Prepping Unplugged Challenge”
A Video Response is required
USA and Canada only
Please try to make it a full 48 hrs
Add your Video Response, to a Sponsor’s original Prepping Unplugged Challenge Video.
Challenge starts immediately!

All Video Response’s must be in by Tuesday May 28th by midnight pacific time
Challenge results will be announced Tuesday June 4th in order to compile a full list of all the video responses. Drawing will be done at

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