The Chickens Have Come Home to Roost

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Think about all of the media and political talking points that we have had to endure in this country. Socialism, identity politics, homosexual and gender issues, no borders and free everything to illegal aliens are only a partial list.

Now think about this: when faced with a real issue (COVID-19), reality sets in and what was “important” has now become irrelevant. Six states have now declared states of emergency: Florida, New York, Maryland, California, Washington and Oregon. I see a trend: with the tentative exemption of Florida, these are Democrat controlled states. The three states on the West Coast are having their chickens come home to roost as their socialist (sh_thole) cities succumb to their irresponsible policies.

This is just a portent for all of the states but we can at least see a silver lining in this crisis: the price of oil has collapsed and is expected to open in a few hours at $32.50 per barrel. The price is expected to go to $25 a barrel which will have a significant negative impact on our shale oil production. On the other hand, it does not matter if gas is cheap if everyone is quarantined in their homes.

David DeGerolamo

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1 year ago

The Black Swan just flew in…..

It brought total economic collapse, pandemic, civil unrest leading to blood running in the streets, a return by some to the religions of their forefathers, and a toughening of the remnant who survived.

Medical historians will write about he incompetence of highly paid “experts” and the negligence of governing officials who decided to prop up the stock markets instead of following the harder road mandating the protection of the people over which they had responsibilities and sworn duties…..

And May God Bless Us Because We Are Surely and Sorely Going To Need It….