The Communists are at it, Again

The title does not do this article justice. Read the entire thing. Share it. If you have the means, repost it. Explain it to people. Every single patriot needs to read and understand this material. We have multiple problems. We have election fraud that is obvious to everyone. Without Trump, we stand to lose everything. We also have a communist threat that is not obvious to everyone, although if we had something even remotely resembling an honest media and honest big-tech, it would be. Time is very short, and world events are going to avalanche more quickly than we can possibly imagine.

“A famous broadcaster, who briefly took over for Art Bell more than two decades ago, told me the following story. He had begun talking about Communism on the show when a media executive called to warn him. “Stop talking about Communism.” The broadcaster had high ratings and did not take the warning seriously. Eventually he got another call from the executive. “You had a great career in broadcasting, but now it’s over.”

The Communist Movement is not imaginary or fictitious. It is a real movement with real power. Communists have infiltrated our media, our business community, our churches, our schools, our scientific establishment, and our government. Communist China is inside our economy, making vitamins and medicines and nearly everything that we buy. And now we have an election rife with irregularities in which the pro-Chinese candidate, Joe Biden, is declared to be the president-elect.”

“Bend the knee, they said to us last summer. We will win the election no matter what the vote count, they added in the fall. Anyone who talks about voter fraud will be banned, will be kicked out, ostracized, de-platformed, neutered, prosecuted, assaulted – disenfranchised! Threaten everyone. Silence everyone. It is how Communists behave when victory is in reach. They rely on threats, like Professor Di described. One might say the Communists are “reasoning with us.” Consider, if you will, Russia and China’s new generation nuclear weapons and missiles. Is that enough “reason” for you?

If America buys into this fraud, the country will have buyer’s regret. The cost of acting too late, in this crisis, will be terrible. Perhaps a tardy response will lead to civil war, world war, or both. We can no longer afford to hesitate. We cannot allow the Chinese Communist Party to infiltrate our economy. We cannot allow our nuclear deterrent to rot away from neglect. President Trump has showed us the way. We cannot allow the election to be stolen by traitors.

It is also time to stop saying that we won the Cold War. As of this moment, the Communists control the mineral storehouse of Africa. They have the masses of China. They have the military technology of Russia. They have Cuba, Nicaragua and the oil fields of Venezuela. Their Iranian allies can disrupt the flow of oil from the Middle East. They threaten India and Australia, Japan and South Korea. The free world is on the brink of an abyss.

Read the entire article here, and please share with everyone you know.

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3 years ago

The last words from the linked article….”We need answers and we need action.”
Many of us have enough answers, and realized the Feral Gov was never going to question anything.
Action. Now or forgetaboutit. By January 2021 we will be in the thick of it.

gail jansen
gail jansen
3 years ago

I have to thank J R Nyquist for really solidifying my understanding of the communist threat in the US. I have read books he has suggested, such as Red Cocaine, and several others. In fact, I made sure both our newly elected sheriff and state rep borrowed these books from me and read them. I first ‘saw’ real ‘Marxists’ in the mid 70s in Denver, CO. They had targeted and infiltrated the city planning office and its affiliated services. No one believed me when I spoke about it. Then I saw them again in CA by the droves in every power base imaginable. We can’t be silent any longer and we can’t be forbearing. There must be a concrete, psychological, and far reaching purge of our institutions and culture. My father fought in WWII in the Pacific and he hated the US government for not allowing the military to “finish the job” of killing the Nazi/ communists, but allowed them into our country in the highest places. It took me years to understand what I had interpreted as my father’s stupidity, was actually the primary threat to my life and our country. It is now or never because we have spent all the time of grace foolishly.

3 years ago

We all know this is an attemped coup by the commies on the left. They’ve had 4 years to plan and prepare for this. This sort’a ties in with the commie spy who was bedded down with Eric Solwell. I stronly suspect that there are a lot more spies who have compromised members of the democrat party. I also believe that the CCP has infiltrated big tech and the mainstream media. That is why we’re in the sorry assed state that we are in.


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