The Consequences of H. 786 by the North Carolina General Assembly Are Starting

Our NCGA passed H.786, the jobs bill for illegal immigrants, and more of this criminal behavior will surface.  As long as the businesses hiring illegals make money, the businesses apparently don’t care about the cost to taxpayers for public benefits of illegals, lost jobs of citizens, education costs for the dependents of illegals, drug trafficking and subsequent illegal drugs being sold to the children of citizens, and crimes perpetrated against citizens, etc.

Also the Obama administration says they will mostly deport only illegals who commit serious crimes……after the illegals have raped, murdered, stolen from or assaulted citizens.

Ron Woodard
NC Listen

Day after search, wanted MS-13 gang member still on the loose

A member of the MS-13 gang is still on the loose after yesterday’s manhunt near Mayfaire was called off.

Now both law enforcement and neighbors are left wondering where he will turn up next.

Investigators say they were landscapers by day, but dangerous criminals associated with the gang MS-13 by night. According to a Department of Homeland Security agent the men had been working under false identities in Landfall. When homeland security tried to serve warrants on them, one of the men took off.

“My initial thought was, ‘What’s going on?’ All the neighbors were coming out and trying to figure out what the excitement was about. I felt like I needed to stay inside the house,” said Susan Lew, who lives near the area searched.


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Harpo Marx
Harpo Marx
9 years ago

Whatever happened to the old North Carolina ‘Outlaw’ law? Was it taken off of the books? I remember it being used in 1976 when an escaped prisoner who either wounded or killed a police officer during the escape was declared an outlaw. A coworker said outlaws typically don’t go very long before surrendering to police.