The Coronavirus Is Even More Dangerous Than Previously Thought

The more we learn about the honey badger virus (covid-19), the more we realize what a beast it truly is. Yesterday’s video went into the damage the virus does to the lungs.

It’s also becoming clear covid-19 also injures the heart, kidneys, nervous & circulatory systems, intestines and liver.

Again, you do NOT want to get this if you can avoid it. We are also seeing that it’s a hard foe to defeat. In a growing number of ‘best case’ countries, when lockdowns are lifted, they’re having to be quickly re-instated as new outbreak blooms occur.

Meanwhile, the damage covid-19 is doing to the global economy is becoming increasingly clear – and grim. Demand has fallen by record amounts, the banking system is looking shaky, and food security is now becoming a concern.

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Nancy in NC
Nancy in NC
1 year ago

Where does he get this info? The numbers don’t fit the narrative as a majority of those who have died are already compromised. I have heard that those who have recovered are doing fine. Why is there so much conflicting information?

a follower
a follower
1 year ago
Reply to  Nancy in NC

Good question i would look into him and see how much weight to put into his opinions. And they are opinions, if he does not provide his sources and links.
here is but one link, there are several more.

1 year ago

As our nation continues to deteriorate we do nothing to the perpetrators. Let us place tariffs, gargantuan tariffs on Chinese made products with a warning to other countries that may be inclined to help the Chinese reassign the country of origin labels (VietNam is known to have done this in the past) that they can become most UNfavored also. The US economy is collapsing like a demo building with well placed charges.

1 year ago

Most of the problem with this virus is the treatment for a cure. Instead of the Big Pharma approach which is who controls everything in medicine, we should be trying to treat the host not trying to kill the virus. Let the host rid its body by helping itself. There are many talented physicians who are saving and curing people of this virus by using high dose vitamins and nebulized treatments NOT respirators. Respirators use are a death waiting to happen. This by Chief of staff in pulmonology at NYU hospital. You will do permanent damage to the lungs, it is not a pneumonia, it is an inflammation and clotting which causes shortness of breath. Dr David Brownstein of Cleveland, read his blog,and his partners have treated 85+patients with covid and NO deaths, all recovered. Some of these seriously ill. But we spent millions on respirators that will go unused.
Also these real pros do not think Fauci has any credibility.
Also, if you look at most patients history who died they are obese or hypertensive and have low levels of vit d. Cod liver oil cured a lot of us when I was young.
Also the deaths are being inflated by the hospitals. They are using this for any death.
There are 344,000,000 people in this country and 343,500,000 have not been noticibly ill from this. Think about it.
Why are you willing to give up everything instead of challenging the data. This may be the end of the country