The Cyber-Dam Breaks

Hoover Dam / AP

The article below illustrates our vulnerability to Chinese attacks on our infrastructure. These attacks have the capability to shut down our water, sewer and/or electrical infrastructure.

Successful hacker attack could cripple U.S. infrastructure, experts say

Since all of these facilities are controlled by computers, the Chinese have been probing these systems for years. The Chinese “hackers” are actually the Chinese military. Is it surprising that our government is so concerned about collecting data on its citizens instead of providing sufficient firewalls on it and our facilities?

David DeGerolamo

Sensitive Army database of U.S. dams compromised; Chinese hackers suspected

U.S. intelligence agencies traced a recent cyber intrusion into a sensitive infrastructure database to the Chinese government or military cyber warriors, according to U.S. officials.

The compromise of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ National Inventory of Dams (NID) is raising new concerns that China is preparing to conduct a future cyber attack against the national electrical power grid, including the growing percentage of electricity produced by hydroelectric dams.

According to officials familiar with intelligence reports, the Corps of Engineers’ National Inventory of Dams was hacked by an unauthorized user believed to be from China, beginning in January and uncovered earlier this month.

The database contains sensitive information on vulnerabilities of every major dam in the United States. There are around 8,100 major dams across waterways in the United States.


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